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Guide to Playing Free Online Casino Games

If you are new to online casino games and think that you need a lot of money to play these games, then you are wrong. There are free online casinos like Zitobox Casino that provide free online games. You don’t need any money to play these games.

For beginners, it is a wonderful opportunity to play games for free and practice them. This will make them more experienced. They will learn about the game, improve their skills, know the strategies through trial and error before using their money to play games.

Guide to Playing Free Online Casino Games beginners - Guide to Playing Free Online Casino Games

It is always recommended that when you are starting something new, start with something simple first. Then move to the complex versions. Some slots are simple with easy-to-remember symbols and rules, with a few paylines. So, you should start with those. Then move to the 9 pay lines or more complex games.

You will know about Scatter and Wild symbols and how to get a winning combination. You will know what free spins are all about. You will learn about the jackpot and other features too.

By playing games for free, you can leave room for errors. You can try out features that you don’t understand or take risky steps as you don’t have to worry about losing money. You learn a lot by playing games for free.

These free games give you a chance to know the rules and strategies of table games like blackjack, craps, or poker. You can master these games by playing the free games before diving into putting your money on them.

By playing games in different free casinos you will know which casinos are better and which games are worth playing. That way you will be able to pick a good casino to play games with money.

How to Play

3 Hockey-Themed Slots You Can Play in Free Casinos

People who are a fan of sports login to online casinos like funzpoints to play sports-related games. There are many sports-related slots in online casinos today. Some of these games are free and you won’t need to deposit any money or even register at the casinos. Here are some good hockey-themed slots you can play.

Hockey Hero

This game has been developed by Push Gaming for those who are interested in ice hockey. The game has an appealing design, great audio effects, and the opportunity to earn lots of money. If you are an admirer of ice hockey then you will love playing this game. There are extra spins, reward games, and huge jackpots.

Ice Hockey

Playtech is one of the most popular casino game developers. You will love the interactive feature of this game. You can participate in an exciting ice hockey competition by playing the game.

In this game, one team plays left to right, and the other team plays the other way round. The team players’ payout is mixed and like combinations. There are free spins. The flags of the teams are the free spin symbols.

When the flag of the same team is seen on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously, 12 free spins are given. So, you have lots of chances of winning.

Hockey League

This game has been developed by Pragmatic Play. If you want to become a good ice hockey player then you will enjoy playing this game. You can experience ice hockey at its best here. The graphics and interface are awesome.

These games allow you to experience hockey on-screen with super exciting features. You can win a lot of money by playing this game.

Hockey Games, How to Play

Types of Bets You Can Place on Hockey

Though hockey is not as popular as football and basketball, it is still watched by many people around the world. There is a lot of anticipation for the league matches and people are eager to bet on their favorite team and player. If you are interested in hockey, then here are some things you should know about the types of bets you can place.

Money line bets

Money line bets - Types of Bets You Can Place on Hockey

It is a straight-up bet on the team who you think will be the winner. It is the most common type of bet and the most popular as well. The lines for hockey games are set by sportsbooks around the world.

Over/under wagers

Hockey bookmakers have an over/under total for the games. That is, whether the total goals between the teams will go over or under a particular number of goals.

Puck line bets

In puck line bets, the point spread is between -1.5 and +1.5. The -1.5 is for the favorite and the +1.5 is for the underdog. Wagering on the underdog adds more security to the wager. You need to look at the stats before placing this bet.

Point spread

You can find books that offer point spread bets, like 2.5 or 3.5. You get these in addition to the normal puck line bets. The big point wagers result in big payouts normally for the favorites. They’re also an alternative puck line wager. Here the underdog and favorite are switched.

These are the different types of common bets that you might be aware of. If you know the types of bets it will be convenient for you to place the bets.

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How Free Bets Work in Sports Betting

When you visit a free online casino, you will be overwhelmed seeing the free betting options. Here we will explain to you how free betting works.

Often free sports betting is connected to deposits. These are called bonuses and are usually available on the first deposit. For example, if a site offers $20 free play then you should first deposit $5 in the account to get the $20 free play money and you can’t redeem it as cash.

Free bets in sports betting are often connected to deposits and are also referred to as bonuses. The sportsbook offers different kinds of deals to attract new bettors. They want bettors to sign up and deposit money. After winning a few bets, they will continue wagering at the sportsbook and that’s the advantage the sportsbook will get.

Free bets are a good opportunity to earn money without spending much. But the disadvantage of it is that you won’t think much when placing a bet as you are not putting your money on it. When you deposit the money yourself, you will read the stats, use tools to analyze the game, and then make the decision of playing bets.

When you use the free bets, you have more chances of losing money as you don’t give much thought to the betting. You should also be careful not to keep on betting when you lose. If you can win a few bets and get out then the bonus or free bet is worth it. In free bets, you play in the hands of the sportsbook. So, things can go negative.

There are many ways to claim a free offer. You can use the bonus code and provide a minimum deposit. For getting the bonus code you will have to register to the account. Before playing for the free bets you should know the terms and conditions properly.