Hockey Games

How to Bet on Hockey Online

NHL is pure entertainment just like NFL and NBA. Many people love watching this sport. To increase the enjoyment of watching the NHL, you can try betting on it. That way you can earn money while watching your favorite sport. Here are some tips on how to bet on hockey online.

Know stats and facts

You should always know some facts and stats before betting on hockey. You should know about the teams in the best format, the highest average goals per game scored in a season, the best players, who won the last league, and more. These stats will help you to bet better, instead of just randomly choosing a team or player.

Know if a goalie is missing

In hockey, the goalies often have to rest after playing for a season. You should find out in which team the goalie is missing. That team is likely to lose and so you must place your bet accordingly.

In-play Power Play action

The team winning or losing often depends on their performance during the Power Play. So, you must carefully observe the actions and then bet.


If any player is injured, then the game will be affected. So, you must be well aware of the injured players before placing your bet.

Use hockey betting tools

You should use various hockey betting tools like Swish Analytics, OddsPortal, or others that will help you to predict the outcome of the games. Flashscore will let you track the form of the various teams so that you can decide which team to bet on.

These tips will help you to place bet intelligently on hockey without depending on your luck. You will have a better chance of winning that way.