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Are you a blogger? Do you write for any magazine? If you have experience writing for blogs and magazines, then we are looking for you. We are looking for writers to enrich our blog with more interesting and important content on the online casino industry. We will give preference to those candidates who have experience with online casinos.

As this blog is about free online casinos, we want our writers to write about topics related to casino games, how to play, the registration process, finding casinos and comparing them, and more. We also write about sports betting like hockey and other sports. So, your articles can be related to sports betting as well.

If you want to join our team, then you need to follow some strict guidelines. You should write articles that are plagiarism-free and original. We won’t accept any article that has been published elsewhere. You must write in short sentences and a conversational tone.

As our audience comes from various backgrounds, you should write in simple language so that everyone understands. We have to write articles thinking that the audiences are new to online casinos. So, don’t use any jargon. When you explain any game or promos, use simple terms so that the readers understand.

Before submitting your writing you must proofread it. Any grammatical error is not accepted; so you must be careful, and use tools, if necessary, to check your grammar and spelling.

Our team will revise your writing after receiving it. They might ask you to add new information or remove some of the things you wrote. You must edit the article accordingly.

If you have further questions you can contact us. We will explain everything in detail. We hope to hear from you soon.